Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to run the photo booth at our wedding?

For most weddings, couples ask us to setup ready for the start of the evening reception which

is typically between 7 and 8pm. 

It's your event so you can decide when you'd like the booth to start. 

Some venues have set times for the evening reception so please contact us to discuss in more detail.

How long does it take you to setup?

We will arrive an hour before the starting time although we can generally setup within 30 minutes.

Our booths are always setup and fully tested prior to us arriving at your venue.

How does the All Day Hire work with the Selfie Booths?

We can liaise with your venue when to deliver the Selfie Booth, but it's normally delivered in the morning before the guests arrive at the venue. We leave it all working so it can be used immediately

If you have exclusive hire of a venue, we can with arrangement, deliver it the evening before at no extra cost.

Does unlimited prints really mean unlimited prints?

Yes it does! The Magic Mirror includes printing as part of the package.

The Selfie Booths have it as an optional add-on. 

With both, every single person in each photo will get a copy of the picture + one for your

photo guestbook we provide.

Can we get extra copies of the pictures?

If you need an extra copy or a guest has lost theirs, then we will happily re-print any photos. 

With the Magic Mirror, you will receive a USB stick at the end of the evening with all photos and GIF's included.

How can I see my photos taken on the Selfie Booth?

The Selfie Booth has a built-in gallery which you can access by touching a button on the main screen.

From here you can view or re-send photos or videos by text or email.

Once it's been stored - your guests cannot delete it so you see everything!

You will also get an on-line gallery - see below.

What is the on-line gallery?

Within a short period, we will upload all your photos to a private password protected on-line gallery.

This allows you to view, download or even share your photos to friends and family.

We will only send it to you and we will never post your photos on social media.

How many texts or emails do we get with the Selfie Booth?

There is no limit in the number of texts or emails you can send.

Can texts be sent to a foreign mobile phone?

Yes you can, the guests just need to select their country code when they type in their phone number

and the text will be sent to their phone.

What if my venue doesn't have Wi-Fi?

The Selfie Booths have SIM cards and Wifi so if WiFi is not present then the booth will send the

texts and emails by mobile data instead.

If the venue has neither, then we will keep the unit on during the drive back and everything will be sent

as soon as a signal is found.

What personalisation can you provide?

With all our booths, we can personalise the animated touch screens, the photo designs & we can even

put your favourite photo on the screen if you wish.

You get to approve the designs in advance as we want to make sure it's exactly what you want.

Can I choose a different Magic Mirror frame?

Yes you can. We have silver, gold and even rustic frame which is popular for barn or country themed weddings.

These you can choose from when booking.

Contact us to see samples.

How much space do you need?

Both the Magic Mirror & Selfie Booths can fit into the smallest of spaces. 

Naturally, if there is lots of space, we will setup accordingly to make the best use of it for your guests.

We will not compromise on props so you will still get the same amount no matter where we are.

Will the booth have an attendant?

Selfie Booths are left at the venue unattended unless you have the printing add-on option.

Magic Mirrors always have 2 fully trained attendants as we feel (from experience) that it works better for us and improves the experience for your event in the way we work with your guests.

If your event has a very large number of guests or if you've booked 2 booths, we will provide 3+ attendants.

What are the pros & cons of using a backdrop?

Our quality backdrops are 8ft x 8ft and are normally placed against a wall.

The booth is placed facing the backdrop, approx. 8-10ft away. This does depend on the venue space available.

With the Magic Mirror, we zoom the camera in to hide the top & sides of the wall behind it so your photos only show the backdrop behind the guests. This may limit the number of guests in a photo to around a dozen.

Without a backdrop, we have managed to get 40+ guests in a photo!

We can supply sample images to help you decide.

Have you been to our venue?

We often take photos of our booths setup at various venues and some of them are on the "Venues" page on this website. Please contact us for more information if you don't see your venue there.

Where can we see you?

We attend many wedding shows across the West Country. Please take a look at our "See Us" page on this website for a list of wedding shows we will be attending.  You can come and see the different booths we have, try them out and see everything we include when you book one.

 We add new wedding shows all the time as they get booked so please check regularly for ones in your area.

What power is needed to run the booth?

All we need is a single 13am plug socket. 

If the venue is dark, we will use the LED lamps we carry to provide lighting for the props & guestbook areas.

Are the booths regularly tested?

Not only are the booths and equipment fully PAT tested, we also prepare & test the setup for each booth for

every event several days beforehand. This includes a complete run-through of the photos, animations & printing.

We use the best quality booths & software for their features & reliability.

Do you have insurance?

We have full Product, Employer & Public Liability insurance cover up to £5,000,000.

If you have a particular question that we have not covered above - please contact us.