Our 360 Booth Experience

The new & amazing 360 Photo Booth is completely different to anything else you’ve seen!

Guests stand on the circular platform and the camera rotates 360 degrees around the guests recording

at normal speed, slo-mo or in boomerang mode.

Among our specially selected props, we have confetti which showers the guests and

our money gun shoots dollar bills in the air as the camera spins around them. 

We have many more props for the 360 Booth and can provide specific themed ones as well for your event!

2 on booth with confetti.jpg
2 girls on unit - 002.jpg

We can personalise an overlay for the video clip and you can choose the music to suit.

The booth will upload your completed video to a gallery or share station where you can email or text it to yourself.

Capture 360 degrees of your guests enjoying themselves and give them content that they will remember!

We will provide rope barriers to help organise the queue & we need a minimum

10ft x 10ft space to allow for the rotating arm of the 360 Booth.

We can also supply a backdrop if required.

You will also receive a link to your own private on line gallery of all the videos to view, download and share.

Why not have a modern digital event? 

Hire our Selfie Booth for the day and the 360 Booth for the evening reception!

Special prices for booking two booths. Contact us for more information.


Some more photos and videos below - see the 360 Booth in action!

man pose.jpg
iphone screen.jpg
2 on booth C.jpg
iphone screen3.jpg
5 on booth.jpg
man with hat.jpg